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Join Successful Doctors
From Across The Country
For A 3 Day Fun CME/CE Event

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Ok. Let me ask you, does any of this ring a bell?
  •  Do you ever wonder why you can't seem to get more new patients to come through the door?
        Yes or No
  •  Does any of your staff have a poor attitude which causes low office morale?
        Yes or No
  •  Does your office suffer from high turnover which results in exorbitant hiring and training costs?
        Yes or No
  •  Is your practice lacking the right communication skills to convert more consultations into paid procedures and consistent recurring revenue?
        Yes or No
  •  Are you sick and tired of having to endure the same old boring CME training certification courses over and over?
        Yes or No
If you answered YES to any of these, then it’s time to write your business a Practice Profitability Prescription ( :
​“Dr. Rich is a force of nature, a marketing genius, and a compassionate surgeon! We are honored that he has chosen to work with us, and we are proud to contribute to his success. In fact, we have benefited greatly from what he teaches, both professionally and personally. Thank you Dr. Rich for changing our lives and our business for the better. You absolutely live up to your name “The Smile Dr.” Dr. Rich is the Real Deal!"
- Jay and Mara Shorr of Shorr Solutions
Here's What PPMD Will Help You Do:
The Practice Profitability MD LIVE Event Is Designed To Assist You To STOP The Bleeding  In Your Practice and Create More Profit Now!
First, I'd like to thank you for being here and I guarantee if you learn the information and use the material you'll receive at PPMD LIVE:
  •  It will help you uncover your 'blind spots' and give you the clarity you need.
  •  Your staff will be way more productive than before.
  •  You will have more patients booking consults than before.
  •  You'll be able to handle patients you couldn't handle before. 
  •  You will close more consults than before.
  •  You'll be able to take more time off without stressing out about your bottom line.
​“It brings me great pleasure to see Dr. Rich grow the businesses of our doctors and our network. It is rare to find such a talented and caring surgeon who is also brilliant in business and marketing. His approaches to patient care, teaching, and coaching are truly genius. The innovation and commitment he shows to the aesthetic industry has even helped me as I continue to grow our complex business and extensive networks. Thank you Dr. Rich!"
- Vanessa Florez | CEO & Founder Aesthetic Everything Beauty Network
Meet Your PPMD LIVE Host and Trainer:
Award-winning, double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Rich Castellano (aka 'The Smile Dr.') turned everything he learned on the brink of bankruptcy (what works AND what doesn't work) into a replicable, step-by-step system that now generates over $3 million in revenue per year for his practice ImageLift - as a SOLE provider - with NO insurance reimbursements.

And that is how, through thousands of hours of trial, error and testing - not to mention over a quarter of a million dollars (and counting) of training, consulting and coaching - the Practice Profitability Makeover was born!
​“I want that next level in my practice, and I think about it constantly. Yet there never seems to be enough time. Practice Profitability MD has been really been a game-changer for me. I wasn’t expecting the advice and guidance to be this profound. My schedule has more surgical bookings and the team is more engaged. Revenue is up 14% from last year! Thank you Dr. Rich for your compassion and your caring. These systems have been a tremendous investment in my team, my patients, and my quality of life. I’m happy to recommend Practice Profitability MD to everyone!"
Evan Ransom | MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon | San Francisco, CA
​“What’s amazing Rich, you revealed a fun and effective way to connect with my staff. We learned a lot and it has fundamentally changed my practice skills. They are so jazzed now we had 5 consults closed in one day! I know the cost of the Practice Profitability System is so modest for all your time and expertise. Loved the unique and smart scripts. It was very enlightening for me to remember the power emotion has on the care we give and that being genuine is the core of what being a doctor is all about. Thanks for being a great mentor and coach!"
- Larry Fan | MD, Harvard Trained Plastic Surgeon | San Francisco, CA
Here's A Breakdown Of The Entire PPMD LIVE Curriculum:
Once you know how to turn your 'Not-Now' waiting room personality (which can cause a potential patient to get up, leave and never come back) into a 'Buy-Now' WOW! Room personality, your practice will become a profit producing machine.
The beautiful thing is, you don't have to worry about trying to figure any of this out on your own.
Because I'm going to walk you through everything!  ( :
#1: How to eliminate the "Blind Spots" that are slowly killing your business and how to see your practice with new eyes wide open and a smile on your face.
  •  Show your staff how to meet, greet and treat new (and old) patients in a way that makes it much easier for them to spend money with you...
  •  Turn your waiting room from a scary, sterile environment into a "WOW Room" that will make your patients more comfortable, at ease and ready to buy...
  •  Show your staff how to make your patients feel so at home and comfortable that, by the time they meet you for the consultation, they are already as pre-sold as humanly possible...
  • Shut down tire-kickers, price-shopping and fluff consults!
#2:  How your staff can befriend the phone and win which will lead to more consultation appointments, more potential business and more profits for your practice.
  •  Communicate your value to your patients quickly and easily...
  •  Start building rapport with prospective patients as soon as they call...
  •  Ask the right questions and LISTEN to what the patient has to say...
  •  Say just the right thing at just the right time...
Which all lead to more consultation appointments, more potential business and more profits for your practice.
#3: How to get your head right and cultivate a confident personality that’s powerfully assertive without being aggressive, pushy or weak. 
  •  Motivate your staff to be more productive, prevent turnover and eliminate burnout...
  •  Determine where you should take your practice as you move into the future...
  •  Have more flexibility of communication with your patients and less walkouts...
  •  Cure unrealistic patient expectations...
  •  Turn unhappy patients into your best customers and biggest evangelists.
#4:  You’ll learn about the all new, modern day “Bedside Manner” and how you can use it to build instant rapport and trust with your prospects so you can more easily eliminate their objections and increase the closing ratio of your consultations by leaps and bounds.
  •  The strategies and techniques I use to get more prospects to buy...
  •  How a winning consultation works...
  •  The specific things you need to say in your presentation...
  •  How to charge more for your services and procedures...
  •  Qualify perfect patients, convert more consultations and upsell patients more quickly.
#5:  Here are 5 more "Golden Practice Profitability Nuggets" you absolutely need to make your practice more profitable.
  •  "How To Become A Highly Effective Communicator So There's Less Confusion and Misunderstandings Between You, Your Staff and Patients"
  •  "How To Train Your Team To Bring Out Their Inner SuperHero So They Can Deliver The Multi-Million Dollar SuperStar Experience"
  •  "How To Handle and Prevent Negative Online Reviews That Can Kill Your Practice"
  •  “How Dr. Rich Makes Real, Tangible Profits (Real ROI : ) From Social Media
  •  “How To Become The ‘Celebrity In Your Niche’ and Known As The ‘GoTo’ Cosmetic Practice In Your City”
Again, you don't have to worry about trying to figure all of this out on your own. I'm going to be right there to walk you through everything.

We're going to make sure you have all the strategies and techniques you need to take your practice to the next level ( :
​“I highly recommend Practice Profitability MD for any doctor that wants to invest more deeply in their patients, team, and business. I’ve never met anyone like Rich, he is three steps ahead when it comes to developing a highly successful cash-based practice. It is so refreshing to be a part of a movement where kindness and compassion are at the heart of building the best business practices. My practice is a great example of how these revolutionary strategies and insights apply to any area in medicine. Like me, doctors may think they don’t have the time or money to invest in this program, yet these unique systems will save both time and money by avoiding expensive mistakes and doing things the right way the first time around.”
- David Geier | MD, Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist | Charleston, SC
How Much Would This Be Worth To You And Your Practice?
Those who know me know I am paid over $5,000 an hour for my consulting time.

You would easily spend over $20,000 to have me personally come to your office, train you and your staff and give you all the tools you’d need to implement everything you'll learn at the Practice Profitability MD event.

Not to mention the priceless networking and relationships you'll be able to build with me, my staff and other success-minded doctors  who will be sharing their success stories and strategies with you.
Look, this isn't about making a couple hundred or couple thousand extra dollars a month.

It's about helping you build a significant business.

The powerful strategies and tactics you'll learn at PPMD LIVE! will help you change your financial future and the future of your practice.
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​“I really didn’t think Practice Profitability MD would be worth my time (or money) because I didn’t think I would learn anything new. But the way you present it, how you analyze problems and come up with solutions, that is your key strength. This will help doctors in their ability to function in their practice. To take things to the next level. Not just in good quality of care but to inspire staff loyalty. You make me want to be a better man, doctor, leader. You motivate me!”
- Adam Schaffner | MD, FACS, Plastic Surgeon | New York, NY
​“At first, I didn’t think I had the time but I have really enjoyed the Practice Profitability MD program. Dr. Rich Castellano's enthusiasm and practice ideas have motivated me to make changes that really make a difference in my practice. The course information, webinars and personal coaching with Rich have helped me to refocus back on my practice and to re-energize my staff and myself. This has been a great investment; I have enjoyed positive financial results. I give thanks to have learned so much from you!”
- Al Fox | MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon | Dartmouth, MA
​“I’ve been in practice for 22 years and my practice is already successful. But I figured, even if I only pull out a pearl or two, it was worth the price of the course. I was surprised to find so many invaluable pearls in what you teach. Calls with you on the phone are amazing. The biggest obstacle for me has been staffing. Getting staff involved is harder than it looks. What you teach about how you do your seminars is invaluable. So many pearls in your free seminar strategy. The time and energy that you put into it, it’s a well oiled machine. What do I think? I think everyone should be a part of Practice Profitability MD!”
- Mark Berkowitz | MD, OculoFacial Surgeon | Detroit, MI
​“Before I found the Practice Profitability MD System, I didn’t even know what I needed. At first, it was scary because I knew I need to change but didn’t know how. It got me out of my rut. I am now applying what I learned in other areas of my life. Love the scripts. I absolutely recommend PPMD because I know firsthand how powerful it is. My team is now tighter, more emotionally bonded, more cohesive. It’s making me better in work and life. More healthy, emotionally balanced, and positive. I love your servant leadership, Dr. Rich!”
- Dominique Well | ARNP | Well Medical Arts - Seattle, WA
​“Practice Profitability MD has given me the confidence to look at myself and my practice and recognize what has been holding us back. With Rich’s mentoring, my team is now taking a new level of ownership in the office, and we are seeing a lot more consults now. This isn’t about training your staff with practice management, this is about creating a patient experience my team did not realize was possible. Dr. Rich, we can not thank you enough for your dedication and integrity as you assist doctors with the tools and skills they need most. Your program has impacted our sales, marketing, business management, patient care, and most importantly, my quality of life.
- Trey Sands | MD, Plastic Surgeon | New Orleans, LA
Here’s Everything You Get When You Register Today…
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Your Comfy Accommodations:
Our lovely host hotel, Marriott's Residence Inn Tampa Downtown, is just a few blocks from to the Tampa Convention Center where the PPMD Live! event sessions are being held. The hotel is convenient to the excellent dining and entertainment in downtown Tampa, Florida.

When not learning practice and life changing strategies and tactics with Dr. Rich and the PPMD Team, you can retire to your comfortable room suite to relax and you'll also enjoy complimentary high speed WiFi access.

You can also start your day with a free, hot breakfast buffet, exercise in the complimentary 24-hour fitness center and take an end of day dip in the pool or whirlpool.

Free shuttle service will be provided to and from the event each day ( :

Special PPMD room block rates start at just $215 USD per night for single occupancy (the regular room rate starts at $314 per night)

They are located at: 101 East Tyler Street, Tampa, Florida 33602

You will receive detailed instructions on how you can book your room at our deeply discounted PPMD Family Rate once you finish ordering your PPMD Live! ticket(s)
Your Satisfaction Is Absolutely Guaranteed!
100% Risk-Free Guarantee
We want you to feel safe and secure that you’re going to be able to use what you learn to create a business you love.

And you will... but I also have a 100% secure guarantee, just in case you need a little more peace of mind... The risk is all on me! Rightfully so.

Here's my guarantee:
Register for Practice Profitability MD LIVE!...
Test drive and enjoy the entire first day's festivities...
If for any reason - any reason at all - you aren't completely ecstatic, no harm no foul.
Just let us know by the end of day one, and my team will cheerfully give you a full refund...
With a smile ( :
But it's highly doubtful you are going to feel the need to do that.
You have my commitment and guarantee to help you make the journey.
Let’s take this road together!

I look forward to seeing you at Practice Profitability MD LIVE ( :
Total Value of Practice Profitability MD LIVE! = $10,500
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See What Our Doctors Are Saying:
"We were skeptical at the beginning because we thought we’d already heard all the strategies at the national meetings, what more could this add? Your approach is different and refreshing, and what works in your practice works in our practice too! Practice Profitability MD has been very transformative for our practice. Your approach is different and refreshing, and our revenue is up 42%! Your course is methodical, high energy, and allowed us to energize the staff. Your gratitude and thankfulness comes across in everything you do, and it has inspired our office. This is helping us grow our practice. We are fully confident and super pumped!"
- Dr. Elbert Cheng & Dr. Jackie Cheng | MDs, Facial Plastic Surgeons | Saratoga, CA
“After sitting with my staff to go over the strategies from the [Practice Profitability MD] masterclass, I could see light bulbs going off in their heads. Based on your innovative suggestions, one thing we’ve really benefited from has been - the checklist. New ways to capture important info and making sure they do every item, every time. It makes my staff more confident; they can say it so that people understand it. We have also found that we run into fewer misunderstandings with callers.”
- Dr. Jonathan Kaplan | MD, MPH, Plastic Surgeon | San Francisco, CA
"I had so much going on, I just didn’t think I had time to join. Practice Profitability MD gave me a simple structure to take action and grow my practice. You’ve done a great job helping with what other people tend to be uncomfortable with - like being humble, selling yourself, putting yourself out there. Doctors often internalize problems and don’t always act on them. I just have to get out there and do it!"
- Dr. Robert Whitfield | MD, FACS, Plastic Surgeon | Austin, TX
“Rich, I just wanted to let you know I’m doing great! I’ve loved learning from your first hand experience and being involved in a group of people, a community of doctors, all trying to push their limits. Taking a step back to work on myself has directly affected me in the office. Getting my team to work with me is becoming more and more seamless. I really feel my staff and I are starting to click. They are getting this “I got you” mentality and predicting my next moves. I absolutely recommend this to any doctor that wants a roadmap on how to build a success system. For me, the big thing was eliminating negativity.”
- Dr. Amit Patel | MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon | Lexington, KY
Total Value of Practice Profitability MD LIVE! = $10,500
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Terms of money back guarantee: You have the duration of the first day of the event to request a full refund for attendance. No refunds will be issued beyond attendance of the first day.
We expect that you will complete your work and exercises as needed so that you will benefit accordingly. We can not do your push-ups for you ( :
We will teach and train our best practices for communication skills, and we are not responsible for all business practices. We require a mutual release of liability with any company, employee, or individual we train or teach. Your purchase of this course confirms that you agree to a mutual and complete release of liability.
 This event will be recorded and your purchase confirms that you agree to these recordings.
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